Welcome to the Home Ceramics Website!

At Home Ceramics in Devon we like to think of ourselves as the home of ceramics. Whatever your ceramic needs may be, whether you are a keen beginner just enjoying ceramics as a hobby, or your love of ceramics now gives you an income, or even if you sell finished pieces, or simply collect them, we can help you make the most of Ceramics!

From Start to Finish Home Ceramics in Devon can help!

home ceramics stylish finished piece

• Supply of all ceramic needs: slip, paintbrushes, paint, glazes and more…
• Green ware • Bisque ware • Finished pieces • Workshops
• Personalised pieces using photographs or logos etc

To find out more about us see the ‘Details’ section or contact us at:

Tel: 01271 860363

Email: info@home-ceramics.co.uk